Interlink is your full-service network solutions provider. Our services range from simple network and personal computer support to full scale network design, implementation and administration. Interlink has a full staff of qualified network engineers here in Spokane to consult with and service your every need. For over 15 years Spokane businesses have relied on and saved money with our network service solutions.
Interlink is proud to support quality computer and network products by these and other fine companies.

Linux Network Solutions

Interlink of Spokane, WA specializes in deploying Linux technological solutions for it’s clients. Interlink is a best tool for the job company and more often than not Linux is the best tool for the job. Linux software has proven to just work. There is no other way to put it. It just works. What that means to you is that your problem is solved with a stable, reliable and affordable solution.

Why do we offer Linux based solutions? Linux and our preferred distribution called Ubuntu is open-source software. The Linux community is passionate about it’s software. That passion translates into some of the best programmers in the world taking pride in developing bug free, virus proof and rock solid software. For example, some major code updates have been written by IBM, Intel, Novell, VMware, and numerous other big name tech companies.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple chat program or the software translating your network traffic. Thousands of eyes have meticulously gone over the code and when a bug is found a fix is pushed out as soon as possible. Linux and the software for it is written to be stable, run optimally, and be as secure as possible.

Some examples of Linux based solutions we’ve deployed, saving our clients a lot of money and giving them a better product.

  • Remote disk to disk backup servers
  • thin-client solutions
  • Virtual Servers
  • Network firewalls
  • Network file servers
  • Application servers
  • VOIP systems
  • Security camera systems
  • routers for multi-location businesses
  • multi-location business VPN’s

The price is right as well. Free! Tens of thousands of applications are free for it as well. We not only provide you a stable, reliable and secure solution which increases your bottom line in numerous ways. We also save you money in upfront software costs and yearly licensing fees. We bill you nothing for the software. “You get what you pay for….” is what a lot of people will say. Not in this case. Quite the opposite. You get production ready software that will perform much better than competing offerings for the cost of hardware if applicable and the charge to set it up for you.