Managed Firewalls

Managed Firewalls

Most IT companies deploy third party firewalls. You may have seen or have a WatchGaurd, SonicWall, Barracuda or Firebox firewall.  These generally work well, but carry a high cost, require paid annual software upgrades and have many proprietary components and functions.

Interlink custom builds all of its firewalls based on the customers needs and security level. Our Linux based firewalls have no licensing or contract agreements and are the preferred firewall of the nations largest companies and government agencies.

Interlink offers monthly maintenance for all of our firewall solutions. We can vary the level of security for your network needs and customize the firewall for your phone or other proprietary systems. Our firewalls have full VPN, DHCP, Proxy and DMZ capabilities.

What is a Firewall? Firewalls can be software only or software with dedicated hardware in a stand alone device, and are designed to control network traffic by limiting the points of entry and exit to a network. The firewall has a set of rules that allow or disallow traffic based on customizable settings. It both denies incoming network traffic and can restrict outbound network traffic as well. Firewalls may act in conjunction with Spam or Virus filtering, but are independent and provide separate functionality.

The term Firewall comes from just what you would think, a brick wall that blocks a fire. The imagery of a brick wall creates an even more detailed analogy in that a network firewall allows traffic through certain ports. You can think of those ports as bricks being removed from the wall, and are now open to network traffic.

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