High Speed Internet

High Speed Internet Done Right!

“We had Internet from Comcast, but decided to try the Wireless from Interlink. Our ping times dropped by 82% Now that’s fast Internet!”
Unleashed Online Media

Wireless has arrived!
The new wireless broadband beats Cable and DSL hands down. No more sharing your Internet capacity with phone calls and TV shows. Our wireless network was built from the ground up for blazing fast, ultra reliable Internet service. Compare us to Comcast, Century Link (Qwest), Time Warner, Verizon or AT&T, our ping times and available speeds are top notch.

A tighter, dedicated network
Our wireless Internet goes straight from the receiving tower to a fiber backbone and avoids the tangled web of shared networks. This means single digit ping times and faster connections!

Speed is King
But not just download speed, fast ping and low latency have as much impact on performance as Mb per second. If your business is running virtual or cloud services, low latency can make all the difference. See why our business class Internet tops all others.

Priced to please:
Monthly Rates-
6Mb $49.95
12Mb $69.95
20Mb $109.95
Installation starts at $199
Speeds up to 180Mbs symmetrical available!

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