Data Backup & Recover Plans

Spokane Data Backup & Recover Plans

Data backup is possibly the most important part of your IT infrastructure. Without a well thought out data protection strategy you are placing your business at risk for eventual disaster. Odds are that at some point your company will experience a computer crash, virus, or some other disaster that will affect your data storage.
Data storage is an IRS requirement affecting every business. Other types of legislation may also affect your particular business, requiring records to be stored for years. In order to comply with legislation that affects your business your company needs an efficient, reliable method for backing up data as well as a comprehensive recovery plan in case of data loss.

The costs associated with critical data loss can be enormous, spelling potential disaster for companies without data backup and recovery plans in place. For small to medium sized companies the ability to recover from a data loss disaster might mean the difference between staying in business and closing up shop. Low productivity, loss of business, and the cost of re-creating data can be very expensive propositions.

Interlink is Spokane’s data backup experts. We offer complete data backup and recovery plans to meet the data storage needs of your business. Our remote backup service uses a snapshot system that allows us to retrieve data from almost any point in the past up to a specific date of your choosing. Our servers proactively pull data from your server and alert our techs if a pull cannot be made. This type of data pull system eliminates a large portion of human errors that plague most other backup systems.