Complete IT Packages

Complete IT Packages

Do you find yourself “fixing” your network and workstations more and more often? Are you having to troubleshoot network issues frequently? Are you tired of being an IT person instead of a business owner?  We can shoulder the burden of maintaining a stable network for you and do your network adminstration. Interlink Advantage will stabilize and standardize your network AND we’ll maintain it for you – allowing you to conduct your business.

One of the best ways to do this is with an IT package that encompasses the main elements of your network.

With over 17 years of experience and our own data center, Interlink can offer a variety of complete IT packages.

Starting under $400 a month, our Cloud Kit packages include:

  • High Speed Internet
  • Full Featured Exchange Style Email Solution
  • Multifunction On-site Server (Firewall, File-Sharing, Proxy/DHCP)
  • Off-site automated backups
  • Web site hosting

Level Billing through Complete Care

As well as product packages, we also offer complete care agreements that cover all of your maintenance and IT services needs.  With Complete Care you have a set, flat rate that gives you predictable, level IT costs throughout the year.

Other packages include:
Custom Firewalls
Network Monitoring
Proactive Maintenance

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