Open Office – spell checker not working

Using Open Office has saved our company thousands in licensing fees. Everyone in our organization uses it and we have yet to run into a compatibility issue when sending files to our clients. Sometimes we’ve found that the spell check doesn’t install properly initially and it is necessary to manually set it up. You’ll need to install the dictionaries and ensure spell check is...

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Connecting to your remote cam with mplayer

We install a lot of outdoor cams for various reasons. Security cameras for construction sites, Several ski resort outdoor camera solutions, and in store security camera systems to name a few.  One of the fun things we’ve done here was a job to play a multi-media loop in a ski lodge. The resort wanted pictures, videos, and live shots from the camera on the hill. We found an easy solution to...

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Why you should consider a dedicated or colocated server.

A couple questions a business should seriously consider when building their Internet presence is how important is stability, is there room for growth, and what is there purpose on the addition to your website you could house applications for access from anywhere in the world, your B2B portal, your own email server, and more. Your only limited by your imagination. The Internet is not just for web sites, remember that.

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