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Interlink & Intrinium Merge

We are pleased to announce that Interlink and Intrinium, another local technology company, have merged. Although we could have chosen either name, after much thought and deliberation, we decided to move forward under the Intrinium name. The Intrinium name is unique, and that matters when you have a strong national brand. Our staff and locations are not changing. We will have new members of the...

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Reverse Image Lookup

A few years back I found myself wanting to know where a digital picture originated and I found there were no tools to do such a thing. Then came They developed a search function that could identify parts of your image, the “likeness” if you will, and then compare it to other images on the Internet. By their own description “TinEye creates a unique and compact digital...

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Why the cloud is killing Windows

I’ve been watching an interesting development in the business IT world, our customers gradually moving to Linux OS for workstation desktops. This has been happening on the server level for a long time, but now desktops as well. The benefits/downside of a Linux desktop are fairly straight forward. Linux is free, doesn’t get viruses (yet…some argue once market share is high enough...

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Understand the difference between Registrar, DNS and Website Hosting

DNS – Domain Name System: DNS is the glue that makes the web work. It translates a name ( to an IP address that tells which web server is hosting the website. It also tells other email servers where to send email for a domain name using what is called the MX record. Without DNS, when someone types in in a web browser, there is no conversion of...

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Converting a Windows network to Linux and Thin Clients

We have a customer who works in the home care field, they have caregivers who visit residential homes and provide non-medical in home care.  In total there are 70 people, about 10 in their corporate office and 60 caregivers in the field.  We are dealing exclusively with their office network and those 10 users here. Current Problems/challenges: 1.Constant virus and malware issues 2.Aging...

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Interlink expands technology presence

Interlink, a technology leader in Spokane has now expanded its service capabilities by partnering with Switch Up Web, a new web development firm opened in Summer 2011. The web firm will specialize in communications and audience assessments, design, and detailed programming. For more information visit Kirt Runolfson is President of Interlink and CEO of Switch Up Web. Jennifer...

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